This week Ladyloo is…

This week ladyloo is…

Wearing –  Kiyonna London Car Coat. This coat is a few years old now, but living where I live there isn’t much call for getting a new winter coat every year. So I keep this one for my winter trips to Canada, and it’s a good mix of basic and fancy. I can wear it most places easily.

SmellingHoneymania Body Butter from the Body Shop. A Christmas gift from my mom, I’m putting it to good use in this dry, Canadian air.

HearingCBC Radio One. Talk radio here is so rational, thoughtful, and intelligent.

ReadingMarketing in the Age of Google. I have know Vanessa Fox online for a long time, and I’d been meaning to read her books for ages. With the new job starting next week (ack!), I thought now would be the perfect time.

Watching – Moose. I woke up this morning, and my mom asked me how I slept. “Fine. And there’s a giant moose behind your head.” Out the window we watched a moose cow and yearling chew the willow branches, and then slowly amble into the neighbors yard.

Wanting – To get caught up on Holidailies. This may end up being my worst showing in the ten years I’ve been doing this.

One Year Ago Today: Not only was the gift a surprise, but the giver was a surprise.


2 comments to This week Ladyloo is…

  • How is the book? Good luck with the new job!

  • Ladyloo

    The book is great! Seriously, I have to keep putting to down to digest, because I start thinking, “Oh yeah! Well then I could do this and this and this…” and then I get seriously side-tracked with all the new ideas your book has generated.

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