Big Changes A’comin’

I quit my job today. I kind of can’t believe it. But I got another job. A great job. Working at a university. In fact, the university that I’ve been going to for the past year.

The new job seems like it’s going to be really, really great. I’m equal parts excited and terrified.

More than anything though, I’m sad to be leaving my current job. All of the friends I’ve made since moving to this town are here. My whole social circle revolves around the people here.

AB is so happy. The new job has amazing tuition reimbursement benefits, and he’s over the moon with that. And all the other benefits they’ve told me about, well, it’s kind of ridiculous.

I start the second week in January. 2014 is gonna start off with a bang.

One Year Ago Today: I’m really looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew in Calgary next week.


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