This Week Ladyloo Is….

Wearing – A winter coat! Finally. It has gotten cold enough here to actually need a coat.

Smelling – Baking. The oven is working overtime this week.

HearingThe Hamilton soundtrack. Who needs Christmas carols?

Reading – Christmas cards. They’re coming in heavy this week. Obviously.

Watching – Heroes. Getting caught up on the season. I loved this show when it first came out.

Wanting – An uneventful trip home.

The Pantry 2015

PantryI just found out that the cleaners are not going to be able to come to my house before my parent’s arrive on Sunday evening. I am panicking.

But instead of cleaning my house, how about I show you some pictures of my disaster of a pantry?

This is a mess. There are shoes in there. Food that was bought that will never be eaten. And a mass of paper products.


These are not jars of pee, despite my mother’s initial estimation. They are leftover peanut oil, from a giant container that broke. We are keeping this for some reason, although we haven’t fried anything in….years. Yes, it has been years. Gees.

Also up there you can seem a tumbling mountain of egg cartons that are being collected for Uncle Bo who raises roosters for totally legal pursuits.

I have been wanting a bar cabinet for a long while. In the meantime my bar is a cardboard box, and some reusable grocery bags. Capital K, klassy.

And I can here the whimpers of  my more environmentally conscious friends and family eyeballing those stacks of paper towel and paper napkins. Sorry. It is what it is.

This pantry could be so usable, but it’s just not.

Not Talking About Work (But Talking About Work)

I am colder now sitting in my office in Alabama, then I ever was during my trip to Canada last weekend. Irony.

I very much want to talk about work right now. So very, very much. It is currently where my best stories are coming from, but, you know, that whole staying employed thing.

Oh wait, ok, here’s something. So I do stuff in social media, and if you’ve ever done one of those online webinars, you should know that there are a lot of of these webinars about social media. So many webinars.

Because I want to keep learning, I keep signing up for these things. And except for a handful of shining exceptions, they are all. The. Same. Yet I sign up for more, out of some fear that there’s some new information that I’ve missed, or that there will be some kind little nugget of brilliance. There never is. It is all vagaries and generalizations.

Now I give a talk on campus to student groups about using social media, and if you ever think you’ve talked to a group who is more over an old lady telling them about something they know everything about, you might come close to the contempt I have to deal with in this presentation. And yet at the end of it there are always a couple of them that come up to me and say, “I never thought of doing that. It’s a great idea!” Because I give them specific, practical things to do with social media. Not rules, per se, more like, “Here is a way you can provide value to your members using social media.”

And that’s the kind of thing I want to get out of there webinars I sign up for. But nope. It’s just not there.

This Week Ladyloo Is…

Wearing – So much black. I tend to keep to a palette of black and white and grey when I travel. Which is easy, because I keep to that palette pretty much all the time. But after a week on the road with only those options, I’m starting to feel like I’m at a perpetual funeral. Back to my closet tomorrow!

Smelling – Very little. I forgot all my medicines at home, and my sinuses are a mess.

Hearing – Jann Arden’s Christmas album. It was on in almost every store we went into and all over the radio.

ReadingFuriously Happy by Jenny Lawson. Dangerous reading on the plane. Tends to lead to muffled snorts of laughter.

Watching – The Canadian weather channel. Better get out of here before the snow shows up.

Wanting – An uneventful trip home.

It’s the Little Things

After I posted that last night, I thought, “You know, my mom is the most well prepared hostess at all times. I bet she has some lotion stashed away in the bathroom somewhere.”

So I went into the bathroom, and there on the counter behind my heaps of toiletries were bottles of lotion. Not just one – bottles. I am not the most observant of people. (“Spatial awareness!”)

I picked the least full bottle, and was even able to use up the last of it. Relief from the itchiness and the satisfaction of finishing off a bottle of something?

Little gifts from my mom.

One Year Ago Today: It’s a busy, busy time of year.


Calgary in December


How is it that I am able to forget every year how dry it is here in Calgary in the winter? And how is it that I always forget to pack lotion?

Other things I forget about Calgary:

  1. What real traffic feels like.
  2. How much less people shop online here. (You want to actually go to the mall?)
  3. How much more expensive everything is here (even with the exchange rate).
  4. What kind of awesome parents my sister and brother are.
  5. How much my parents bicker.
  6. How big a chinook arch can be.
  7. All the cool stuff my parents have all over their house.
  8. The password for my parent’s wifi (every time).

One Year Ago Today: I am already looking forward to next December.

So Now I Exercise

So last January I signed up with a trainer. Like in a gym. I split the cost of a session with two other ladies, and we work with the trainer twice a week. We meet at six. In. The. Morning. On purpose.

We mostly do interval training, and while I know it’s not enough cardio or whatever, I get to do something I really like to do. Lift heavy things. And I’m pretty good at it.

But really the best part of this whole endeavor has been that I am no longer in pain every day. And considering last year I spent a lot of time trying out doctors and medical procedures and medications to try to deal with my pain, this development has been amazing.

I honestly don’t think I could have done this on my own with out my training partners or the trainer. Knowing that people are expecting me, waiting on me to show up – it’s just the kind of accountability I need apparently.

It is expensive though, even when we split the cost. But I think it’s definitely been one of the best ways I’ve spent money this year, by far.

One Year Ago Today: Good night my little green-eyed girl. I’ll miss you so much.


Homesick at Home

I am in Canada for the weekend. Turns out it is possible to be homesick when you are home. I wouldn’t have think it, but it’s true.

I spent time with my Dad and brother today. Tomorrow is wurstie making day. And Sunday my mom and sister have claimed for a girls shopping and lunch day.

I miss the kind of built-in social circle that having family nearby affords you. I miss these people so much.

We moved a lot growing up, so we all relied on each other. Until we made new friends we were it for social interactions. And sometimes that meant we couldn’t stand to look at each other for another moment, but we still were there for each other. Always.

I just miss them all so much.

Tall & Social Situations

I’ve mentioned before that I am tall. I used to be six feet tall, but I seem to have shrunk, because my doctor now says I am 5’10” 1/2. I am not happy about this development, so I still tell people I’m six feet tall. They believe me.

I love being tall. I am not one of those girls who would hunch their shoulders in an effort to be smaller. I have always been happy about being tall, and it’s absolutely a big part of my self-identity.

That said, there are times when being this tall is irritating. Like in a lot of social situations that require talking when the ambient noise is loud, or when someone wants to whisper something to me during a meeting or something. I can’t just lean over to someone and holler in their ear. No, I have to almost fold in half to get to hear or talk to people. It is very hard to be casual in these kinds of situations when you have to act like you’re talking to a child whenever you want to talk to a person.

And it get even more ridiculous when I wear heels. It’s like I need ears on my elbows.

One Year Ago Today: I am pretty sure I am brain dead.

My Age & My Employment

I’m going to be 40 in six months. Doesn’t seem to be bothering me – I’ve kind of been telling people I’m 40 for over a year now.

Really, the only time my age irks me is when people imply that I am “young” because I work in social media. You’ve heard people say, “Oh, I don’t know what the kids are into these days. All that social media stuff.” And the implication is that 1) everyone who knows about social media is young, and therefor what they’re interested in isn’t important and 2) they are too old to learn about this “new” thing.

Social media has been around for over a decade. It is not new. And implying that it’s either unlearn-able or not worth learning irritates me, because I’m not young. I feel like if my middle aged ass can figure out, anyone can figure out. It’s just pictures and sending notes to your friends.

The bigger issue though is the dismissive attitude. I’ve made a career out of this thing about which you are being super flippant, and I guess I get a little offended when you want to know so little about it. I know people don’t intend to offended with these comments, but is Twitter or Facebook really that hard to figure out?

One Year Ago Today: I actually bought this CD. Like an actual compact disc.